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W2000T-LE - Wilson 50th Anniversary Limited Edition CB Antenna

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WILSON - W2000-LE 50TH Anniversary Limited Edition Gold Plated Trucker 2000 Antenna with 5" & 10" Shaft. 

This limited edition 3,500 watt Trucker antenna features a Gold-Plated and Black coil. Constructed of solid 10 gauge 100% gold plated wire for improved performance. Frequency range 26-30 MHz (2.0 bandwidth: 1.0-2.0 MHz). Guaranteed to outperform ALL other truck antennas.


The Wilson 2000 Trucker CB Antenna is a high quality, well-engineered CB antenna that offers outstanding performance. Wilson antennas have been the preferred name in over the road communications for a generation and are the number one in customer satisfaction antenna available today.

Customers who have tried the Wilson 2000 Trucker antenna claim performance that surpasses many fiberglass top loaded antennas!

If you are looking for a new or replacement CB antenna, you should seriously consider the choice of leading professionals in over the road communications, the Wilson 2000 trucker CB antenna.

26-30 MHz (CB Radio)

The Wilson 2000 trucker CB antenna is a fully compatible with 3/8x24 threaded mounts and accessories.

Other Product Options
There are several other versions of this antenna!  

We recommend the installation of an antenna spring anytime that there is a chance of impact occurring between the antenna and any other solid object such as a low garage door opening, tree limb, overpass, etc. A heavy duty spring would be an appropriate choice for use with the Wilson 2000T antenna. 

High quality RG58 coax for single antenna installation and high quality RG59 coax for co-phased antennas is recommended for use with the Wilson 2000 Trucker antenna.

Tune your antenna
Every CB Antenna needs to be tuned to it's application.

Power handling
3500 watt rating

Product features

  • Center loaded coil 
  • 5 and 10 inch stainless steel shaft
  • 49 inch 17-7 spring stainless steel whip
  • Suited for single or co-phase antennas
  • Overall length of the antenna installed is about 65 inches
  • 3500 Watt power handling capability (ICAS)
  • Standard 3/8x24 threaded chromed brass ferrule
  • Solid 10 gauge 100% sliver plated wire
  • Patented low loss coil
  • Frequency Range: 26MHz to 30MHz
  • Static Reducing Weather Cap
  • One year warranty