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TSM2-R - Everhardt Red 2' 3/4 Wave Super Flex CB Antenna

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West Coast Mall's customers report outstanding performance from the Everhardt Super Flex CB antenna.

Try one for your mobile radio- you won't be disappointed.

Rated up to 1000 watts, the Everhardt Super Flex is suitable for any mobile two-way setup. The Super Flex antenna can take the rough use that Jeep drivers and serious CB enthusiasts routinely ask their equipment to put up with. The Super Flex antenna from Everhardt is factory pretuned for CB radio frequencies and is also field tunable to achieve the best performance for your radio. The super flex can also be tuned for use with 10 meter radios.

Consistently rated as a best buy for the money, the Everhardt Super Flex CB antenna delivers outstanding performance, tunes well for low SWR across all frequencies. The Super Flex is field tunable via removal of protect end cap on tip of antenna and trimming the wire as required. Be sure to use a quality SWR meter during this process.

Made in the U.S.A., the Super Flex CB antennas by Everhardt have a protective covering that helps reduce static that can impede antenna performance. This is a problem that can be encountered with other manufacturer's antennas.

Frequencies: 10 and 11 meter (CB) radio bands

Compatibility:   Standard 3/8 x 24 threads compatible with industry standard mounting hardware

Options Available:   2 foot (TSM2), 3 foot (TSM3), and 4 foot (TSM4) lengths. Black, White, Red, and Blue colors.

Springs: A medium to heavy spring is a smart accessory to include in your CB antenna installation especially if you drive off road or run the chance of striking limbs or other objects with your antenna. Antenna springs add shock absorbing give to the antenna and save it and your mount from untimely damage. West Coast Mall's what you need to know about CB antenna springs has all of the information needed to help you select the right spring for your mobile radio system.

Coax: High quality coax is important to include in planning and installing your CB radio. The help center at West Coast Mall has important information on antenna coax installation and troubleshooting.Tune your AntennaLearn how to tune your Everhardt Super flex CB antenna with West Coast Mall's step by step guide to setting Standing Wave Ratio on your radio antenna.

Power handling:   1000 watts of "Talk Power"

Product Features: 3/4 Wave "Super Flex"Flexible Antennas Rated: 1000 Watts "Talk Power". "Super Flex" antennas are top loaded helically wound around a 1/4" fiberglass rod with "Super Flex" to help prevent breakage.   Pretuned for CB radio frequencies but can be tuned for 10 meter band. Protective covering reduces static. Made in the U.S.A.


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