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RRBASE - Firestik RailRoad Base Station Antenna Kit

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RRBASE RailRoad Base Station Antenna Kit

The FireStik Antenna Company RRBase Railroad Base Station Antenna allows for monitoring train and rail yard activity from the comfort of your home station. Railfans will really enjoy the FireStik railroad base station antenna because of its enhanced ability to pull in weaker signals.

The RR-BASE radiating element has the same characteristics and physical/technical specifications as the mobile antenna with the exception of being white in color. A ground plane is added to supply the counterpoise that would be otherwise be available to a mobile antenna by a vehicle body.

A combination angle bracket, U-bolt, hub plate, and antenna stud is central to the assembly of the RR-Base antenna. This assembly will mount to the top of any mast up to 1.5" (38mm) in diameter. The kit comes with four (4) structural aluminum (6061) radials that measure 1/8"x1/2"x20" (3mm x 13mm x 51cm). Each is pre-drilled to mount to the hub plate. The hub plate is a unique item that the FireStik Antenna Company designed to bring this base antenna together as a commercial kit.

The FireStik RRBASE Railroad base station antenna kit comes complete with 50 feet of high quality Fire-Flex coaxial cable. Both ends of the cable are terminated with PL-259 connectors for easy attachment to the matching antenna stud of the base plate. An AR3 PL-259 to UHF/BNC adapter that fits all popular scanner inputs is included.

The top to bottom height of the entire base assembly is a mere 46" (117cm) and the diameter of the radial circle is 44" (112cm). All mounting and assembly hardware is included.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Antenna
  • Radials
  • 50' Coax Cable
  • Mounting and assembly hardware


VHF Bandwidth 157.530-163.530 MHz


The FireStik RRBASE railroad base station antenna is compatible with radios and scanners capable of receiving signals on 157.530-163.530 MHz


50 feet of high quality FireStik Fire-Flex coax cable complete with PL259 connectors

Tune your Antenna

The how and why of antenna tuning is available in West Coast Mall's help center. Do not skip this important step during the installation of your antenna.

Product Features

  • 5/8 Wave
  • Bandwidth 157.530-163.530 MHz
  • Still made in the USA
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Antenna Warranty

Additional Info

3.8 LBS