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MLBDC4700 - Maxrad 500 Watt Base Load Antenna

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MLBDC4700 - Maxrad - 47-50 Mhz 500 Watt Base Load 1/4 Wave Dc Grounded Antenna (Coil & Whip)

PCTEL lowband quarter wave antennas are a popular choice for State Patrol, Land Management, and other government agencies. These are high quality antennas that provide superior performance in demanding applications. The durable, low-profile coil housing creates a water tight seal when installed that assures long-lasting, reliable operation. These antennas are meant for use on 1-1/8"-18 threaded mounts (NMO) like the PCTEL BMA. They are mounted on flat vertical surfaces like the roof of your vehicle or any mount with a 3/8" to 3/4" hole.

Frequency coverage

Depending on the model, MLB series antennas will cover ranges from 27 to 132 MHz. Most will cover a 5 MHz range within those frequencies.

  • MLB2700 - 27-31 MHz
  • MLB3000 - 30-35 MHz
  • MLB3400 - 34-40 MHz
  • MLB3700 - 37-40 MHz
  • MLB4000 - 40-47 MHz
  • MLB4500 - 45-48 MHz
  • MLB4700 - 47-50 MHz
  • MLB6600 - 66 - 132 MHz
  • MLBDC3400 - 34-40 MHz
  • MLBDC3700 - 37-40 MHz
  • MLBDC4700 - 47-50 MHz


The low-profile design of these antennas is a driving factor in their popularity. The base coil is only about 3-4 inches tall (depending on the model) with a 48" whip extending out from it. Not only does this make the antenna less noticeable, but it makes the antenna less prone to damage as well. The steel whip will bend under most obstacles.

Technical data:

  • Maximum Power
    • 200 watts
    • 500 watts (MLBDC models)
  • Nominal Impedance:
    • 50 ohm
  • VSWR at Resonance:
    • < 1.5:1
  • Radiator Material:
    • .100" - .062" diameter tapered stainless steel
  • Optional Spring:
    • Stainless steel
  • Loading Coil:
    • Tinned copper wire wound on a low-loss coil form (All models, except MLB6600S)
  • Base Coil Housing:
    • Molded polymer with copper, nickel and chrome plated bushing
  • Lightening Protection:
    • DC grounded (MLBDC models only)
  • Antenna Type:
    • Base loaded tapped 1/4 wave (MLBDC models)
    • Full length 1/4 wave (MLB6600S)
    • Base loaded 1/4 wave (MLB models)



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