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MBM - Maxrad NMO Mirror Mount Kit

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The PCTEL Maxrad MBM Mirror Mount accepts all antennas that fit Motorola (NMO) style mounts. Waterproof and complete with chrome plated hardware the MBM is built to last. The Maxrad MBM is a professional looking mount crafted for individuals who depend on NMO radio equipment for work or play.

A 1-1/8 inch X 18 threaded mirror clamp style bracket secures the Motorola antenna (supplied separately). The MBM mirror mount includes a generous 17 feet of RG58A/U cable with an unprocessed end. A PL259 connector is included loose in the package to make routing and installing the coax easier through firewalls and similar tight spaces. The PL259 supplied requires the user to solder and crimp the connector to the coaxial cable to complete the antenna installation.

This mirror bracket will mount securely to posts up to 3/4" in diameter with the included hardware. The supplied mounting bolts can be replaced with longer ones which will allow you to mount the MBM on posts up to a full 1" in diameter.

The Maxrad MBM mirror mount is designed for vehicles that preclude mounting an NMO antenna directly on top of the roof.

The PCTEL Maxrad MBM mirror mount is compatible with antennas that fit Motorola style mounts. An excellent example of a compatible antenna is the Maxrad MLB2700. Tuning of your antenna is almost always a requirement. The How to tune your CB antenna guide from our help center will provide useful information in order to get the most from your two-way radio.

A 17 foot RG58A/U cable with NMO mount comes attached to the mirror bracket. The opposite end of the coax is unprocessed. This allows for easy routing of cable and/or custom cable length adjustments.

Product Features

  • Motorola mirror mount
  • 1 1/8 inch x 18 threaded mounting bracket
  • Mount attaches to à ‚ ¾ inch diameter posts with supplied hardware
  • Mount can configured to secure to posts up to 1 inch diameter with aftermarket bolts
  • 17 feet of RG58A/U coaxial cable with unprocessed end
  • PL259 connector ready for end-user installation
  • For vehicles where mounting NMO antennas to roof top is not possible, nor desirable

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