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KW364A9A-BB - Firestik 3' Dual Mirror Mount CB Antenna Kit (Blue)

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A FireStik Dual KW CB Antenna Kit brings high quality matched components together for you in one complete package. This will eliminate having to spend the time and hassle required to design your own co-phase CB antenna setup.

The FireStik Antenna Company has put together a complete high performance dual CB mirror mount antenna kit ready for installation in your truck, RV, or pick-up. Add your own top quality CB radio and you'll be ready for the highway or backwoods in no time.

The FireStik Dual KW antenna kit is perfect for a running co-phased CB radio antennas on semi-trucks, RVs, Pick-ups, and OHVs. The 3-way mounting brackets allowing for mounting the KW antennas to any horizontal or vertical bar or you can separate the brackets and mount your antennas to any available flat surface.

The KW Dual antenna kit includes 18 feet of co-phase RG59A/U coaxial cable with three PL259 connectors. FireStik also chose to include two antenna springs and one of their stainless steel microphone hangers making this a truly fully loaded CB antenna kit.

Co-phase antenna systems emanate a strong signal pattern in front of and behind the vehicle. This makes for an ideal CB antenna for large vehicles hauling trailers, vehicles that lack adequate ground plane such as RVs, or 4x4s running trails in single file.

Remember to properly tune your FireStik FW dual antenna setup to make sure you are getting maximum performance from your CB radio.

The original trim to tune FireStik KW fiberglass antenna available in a co-phase dual antenna complete kit. The KW is a 5/8 wave 400 watt 27 MHz antenna and is N.O.A.A. channel ready.

Mounting bracket
Twin 3-way antenna mounting brackets allow for positioning the dual KW antennas horizontally, vertically, or even mounting to any available flat surface.

The FireStik dual KW CB antenna kit includes 18 foot Fire-Flex RG59/U Co-phase Harness with 3 Screw on PL-259 Connectors.

Product features

  • FireStik KW fiberglass antennas
  • KW antennas are 100% American made with 100% American materials
  • N.O.A.A weather compatible
  • Dual four foot top loaded antennas
  • 5/8 wave rated for 400 watts
  • Standard 3/8x24 threaded ferrule
  • Two 3-way mounting brackets allow for choice of horizontal or vertical mounting
  • 2 K-4A stud mounts
  • 18' Fire-Flex Co-phase Harness with 3 Screw on PL-259 Connectors
  • 2 stainless steel antenna springs
  • FireStik microphone hanger
  • 5 year antenna warranty- 1 year warranty for the mount for mounts, cables, and springs

KW364A9A-BB - Firestik 3' Dual Mirror Mount Antenna Kit


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