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PCA3002 - Procomm Spare Tire CB Antenna Mount For 2007+ Jeeps

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Looking for an easy way to put a CB antenna on your Jeep Rubicon, Wrangler or JK series? This spare tire CB antenna mount kit may be what you need! This aluminum mount installs on 2007+ Jeeps using existing bolts on the spare tire rack with no holes to drill. The included 18' CB coax has a detachable PL259 that makes routing the cable easy. With the pre-tuned antenna, you just need to install this kit and connect your radio. Of course, we always recommend you check your SWR.


Product Features

  • Fits behind the spare tire using the existing mounting hardware
  • Proprietary design allows for adjustable angle
  • Made with rugged polished 3003 improved strength alloy aluminum
  • Includes insulated 6/6 nylon spacer washers
  • 18' terminator CB coax with FME to PL259 connector
  • Works with 2007+ Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, and Liberty
  • Includes 3/8" x 24 threaded stud

We offer this kit in three different configurations:

  • Full Jeep CB Antenna Kit - includes the mount, cable and antenna (PCA3004)
  • Mount w/coax - includes the mount and coax only (AUJ2K)
  • Mount only - just the mount with no coax or antenna (PCA3002)


The optional antenna in this kit is a 3 foot tall, top loaded, weather ready fiberglass antenna. It is pre-tuned at the factory exclusively for use with Jeeps. This is a fairly stiff antenna. We do not recommend a spring with this mount kit. The location between the spare tire and body of the vehicle would prevent a spring from flexing enough to protect the antenna. Also, a spring would cause the antenna to slap against the Jeep.


The mount in this kit is a polished 3003 improved strength alloy aluminum. When the optional coax is included, the stud is a ring terminal type with a weather resistant coax connection already attached. The mount-only option includes a stud with a SO239 (screw-on) connector on the bottom for CB coax with the big PL259 connector on it. The hardware needed to attach the mount is included in the package.


The optional coax is an 18 foot Terminator coax. It includes a weather resistant ring connector to attach to the mount and a FME to PL259 connector for the radio end. This type of connector makes it much easier to route the coax from the antenna to your CB radio. You usually won't have much slack in the cable going from the back of the Jeep to the front. If you do, remember to route it in a wide oval or figure 8. Winding it up in a tight coil will cause a high SWR.

If you choose one of the configurations with no antenna, we suggest one of these high quality antennas for your installation:

FireStik II FS Tunable Tip CB Antennas

Everhardt STT Super Tiger Full Wave CB Antenna

Francis Hot Rod Fiberglass CB Antennas

Wilson FGT Silver Load Fiberglass CB Antenna


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