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FS3DMK-BL - Firestik Dual 3 Foot FS II CB Antenna Kit (Blue)

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The FireStik Dual FS CB Antenna Kit is a true high performance dual CB mirror mount antenna kit offers uncommon versatility and easy tuning for co-phase CB systems. The 3-way mirror mounts provide almost endless options for securing the FireStik II antennas to your vehicle.

FireStik Dual FS CB antenna kit popular applications:

  • Tubular truck mirror arms
  • Luggage racks
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Boat side Rails
  • Motorhome and van sides
  • Other flat vertical surfaces

If you spend a lot of your time cruising on the open highways a dual antenna kit with enhanced transmission capability can be a welcome addition to your CB radio setup. The increased field strength focused to the front and rear of the vehicle will ensure that you're in communication with the other cars, trucks, and RVs that are within range. And if you happen to be piloting an RV or other vehicle that is made up more composites than steel you'll find the dual antenna setup easier to install and tune with a limited ground plane surface.

The twin FireStik II CB antennas are bare hands tunable making the prospect of field tuning your CB radio system easy. You'll be able to achieve the lowest possible SWR settings without cutting your antennas to length. Just remove the weather cap(s) and shorten or length your antennas according to the readings from your SWR meter. A complete how to properly tune your CB antenna guide is feature in CB World's Help Center.

The co-phased high grade coaxial cable is optimized for dual antenna systems using 18 foot RG59A/U coax terminated with three PL-259 connectors for easy screw on connection to antenna studs and the antenna terminal on your CB unit.

The Dual FS CB antenna kit comes fully loaded and includes these matching high quality components:

  • 2 Tunable Top Loaded Antennas
  • 2 3-Way Mounting Bracket for Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
  • 2 K-4A Stud Mounts
  • 18' Fire-Flex Co-phase Harness with 3 Screw on PL-259 Connectors
  • Microphone hanger

CB World offers the Dual FS antenna kits with a choice of 3 or 4 foot antennas to suit your mounting application. Available colors for the FS antennas include Black (-B), White (-W), Blue (BL), or Red (-R) to suit any CB operator on the open road.

FS3DMK  (3 Foot)

FS4DMK  (4 Foot)

Best of all, the FireStik Antenna Company is proud to claim that their product are still made in the U.S.A.

The FireStik Dual FS CB Antenna Kit includes two Firestik ® II antennas in either 3 or 4 foot lengths. A choice of Black, Blue, White, or Red antennas is available depending upon which length you choose.

Mounting bracket
3-way antenna mounting brackets for mounting to mirrors, rails, or used as side mounts are among the most versatile CB antenna mounts currently available on the market.

Dual 18 foot Fire-Flex cophase antenna harness constructed from top grade FireStik RG9A/U coaxial cable. The harness terminates with 3 PL-259 connectors for simple screw on attachment to the stud mounts and radio.

Product features

  • Twin FireStik II antennas
  • Choice of 3 or 4 foot antennas
  • Black, White, Blue, or Red colors depending on length
  • FS antennas are 100% American made with 100% American materials
  • Bare hands tunable - no special tools required
  • N.O.A.A weather compatible
  • 3-way mirror mounts for horizontal, vertical, or flat surface attachment
  • 2 K-4A Stud Mounts
  • Dual 18 foot Fire-Flex cophase coax harness
  • RG59A/U 75 Ohm coaxial cable with three PL-259 connectors
  • Bonus microphone hanger is a nice touch
  • 5 year antenna warranty - 1 year warranty for the mount

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