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FireStik K9X - FireFlex Dual Antenna Coax Cable

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FireStik K9 Fire-Flex dual antenna coax cable is CB lead line specifically designed for a co-phased (also known as dual antenna) installations. FireStik K9 Fire-Flex dual coax cable connects two separate antennas to one CB radio by joining the cables at the PL259 connector that screws into the back of the radio.

The FireStik Antenna Company offers two versions of their Fire-Flex 18 foot coaxial cable assembly. The Model K-9 coax has one end terminated with a PL-259 connector and the other two ends terminate with ring & spade terminals for use with the K-4 stud mounts. The Model K-9A has all three ends terminated with PL-259 type connectors for use with the K-4A stud mounts.

FireStik Fire-Flex K9 and K9-A are high quality RG-59A/U coax cables that exceed Mil-spec requirements for 75 Ohm cables. FireStik products are still proudly made in America!

Product features

  • 95% Shielding to Protect Against Interference and RF Leaks
  • Stranded Center Conductor for More Flexibility
  • Polyvinyl Center Insulation to Extend Usable Life
  • Exceeds Mil-Spec Requirements for RG-59A/U (75 Ohm) Cable
  • (2) 18' lengths terminated in Ring Terminals for the Lug-Style stud mounts OR
  • (2) 18" lengths terminated in Pl-259 connectors for S0239 style stud mounts
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in America

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