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IBA5 - Firestik 60 Inch Indoor CB Base Station Antenna

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FireStik IBA-5 60 Inch Indoor CB Base Antenna kit is perfect for apartments, homes, offices, RVs, job sites, or anywhere with restrictions that limit antenna height.

The FireStik IBA-5 was designed to provide CB antenna performance when used indoors, but it also works well as a temporary outdoor antenna. Hunters, campers, and Search-N-Rescue teams have use the IBA-5 with excellent results. As with any CB antenna the taller the better. If the IBA-5 is setup on top of the roof your RV outstanding performance is a REAL possibility. Even when used indoors we've had customers report excellent DXing (long distance communications) results.

The IBA-5 will not perform as well as a dedicated outdoor base antenna, it's just not designed as a replacement for these heavy duty antennas.

The IBA-5 is a lightweight antenna system that is quick to setup and at just over 5 feet (1.5 m) tall it is easy for a single individual to deploy this antenna and get on the air rapidly.

The FireStik IBA-5 indoor CB base station antenna is a complete ready to setup kit that includes:

Kit contains

  • 'Bare-hands tunable tip' antenna (rated at 1000 watts)
  • Partially pre-assembled base hub assembly
  • Four 30 inch (76cm) radials
  • 18 feet of RG-58A/U Fire-Flex coax cable
  • Complete assembly instructions are included
  • FireStik also includes a couple of extra tuning screws that can be used in situations
    where SWR indicates insufficient ground plane

Important Note:

Adequate ground plane is required to achieve lowest SWR setting with the IBA-5 antenna. Carefully adjusting of the tuning screw located at the top of the antenna will correct most SWR settings for a properly installed antenna. Be sure to carefully read FireStik's supplied instructions and review West Coast Mall's full feature guide to CB antenna tuning for best results with your equipment.


CB Radio 11 meter band - 27 MHz frequencies


The FireStik IBA-5 indoor antenna kit is compatible with all Citizens Band Radios (CB Radios) that accept PL259 antenna connections. Typically the IBA-5 would be utilized with a base station CB radio or mobile CB radio that is connected to a suitable power supply.


Full 18 feet of Fire-Flex RG58A/U coax with FireRing and PL259 connectors; the preferred coax length for achieving optimum antenna performance under most conditions.

Tune your Antenna

Tuning your IBA-5 for lowest SWR is required and easily accomplished using West Coast Mall's complete guide to antenna tuning available in the help center. Ideally an SWR of 1.5 or less will provide the best antenna performance.

Power handling

Rated for 1000 watts power handling

Product Features

  • FireStik FS series 5 foot antenna with patented tunable tip
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Not recommended for long term outdoor use
  • Moveable, easy to assemble
  • Chrome plated ½ inch hex brass stock with 3/8x24 threaded ferrule
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • FireStik Fire-Flex 18 feet high quality RG58A/U coaxial cable with FireRing terminator at antenna and PL259 connector for radio
  • Four 1 inch (25 mm) x 30 inch (76 cm) flat steel radial legs 90 degree 4 Square foot base ground plane
  • Complete instructions
  • Spare parts kit
  • Made in the USA!
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY - antenna
    1 YEAR WARRANTY - other components

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