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AUQD - Antenna Quick Disconnect

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Don't get stuck having to dig a wrench out of your toolbox in order to lower your CB antenna to get into the garage. Or worse why risk damaging the threads on your antenna mount from repeated removal and re-installation. The AUQD antenna quick disconnect from Accessories Unlimited will save you the hassle.

The Accessories Unlimited AUQD Antenna Quick Disconnect stud allows you to quickly remove your CB antenna by pressing down on the stud, twisting it counter clockwise, and pulling straight up. The lower portion of the disconnect remains attached to the mount while the upper portion remains attached to the antenna. The two piece interlocking design of the Accessories Unlimited AUQD allows for a secure, rigid, antenna attachment that is easy to remove.

The AUQD is an economical, rugged, alternative to other brands, yet retains the vital functionality required in an antenna disconnect. The AUQD is great for all CB, HAM, and VHF/UHF antennas with standard 3/8" x 24 threads up to 4 feet tall. The AUQD quick disconnect has parts exposed to the outside. Hustler quick disconnects and Firestik quick disconnects are a little more resistant to weather and dirt.

Product features

  • Quick disconnect
  • Two piece inter-lock design
  • 5/8" thick
  • 3 7/8" tall including  
  • Holds antennas up to 4' tall
  • Adds 3 1/4 inches in length to your antenna system
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