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KW364A8A-W - Firestik 3' Single Mirror Mount CB Antenna Kit (White)

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FireStik Single KW CB Antenna Kit is a complete single mirror, rail, or side mount CB antenna kit featuring the "original" FireStik antenna. The FireStik KW antenna is a top loaded 5/8 wave design that is extremely durable, but light in weight. An economical high performance antenna the KW is built to last.

The FireStik Single KW antenna kit is perfect for a variety of applications including:

  • Tubular truck mirror arms
  • Luggage racks
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Boat side Rails
  • Motorhome and van sides
  • Other flat vertical surfaces

A high performance CB radio antenna package in a complete ready to install kit. The FireStik KW antenna kit brings a classic FireStik KW antenna, combined with a FireStik 3 way mounting bracket, processed high quality 18 foot RG58A/U cable with two screw on PL259 connectors, and a matched stainless steel antenna spring direct to you. The FireStik antenna kit eases the process ten-fold as you get ready to complete your mobile two-way radio installation.

The Single KW antenna kit is available with a choice of the most popular antenna colors and lengths in a money saving all in one package. Choose from a Black or White fiberglass antenna with either a 3 or 4 foot mast. The FireStik series of KW antennas are a cut-to-tune antenna which has been a proven design in use since 1975.

FireStik has been improving CB radio performance one antenna at a time for over 40 years.

Don't forget to tune your antenna to achieve peak performance.

The original cut-to-tune FireStik KW custom blended, glass fiber reinforced shaft antenna is available in a complete single antenna mounting kit with a choice of Black or White in a 3 foot or 4 foot length antenna. This 27 MHz antenna is N.O.A.A. weather channel ready.

  • 3 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 300 watts
  • 4 foot antenna is 5/8 wave rated for 400 watts
  • Standard 3/8x24 threaded ferrule

Mounting bracket
FireStik chrome plated model K-64A 3-way mirror, rail, or side mount with the famous FireStik K-4A stud mount for screw on coax termination. This mount can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Or take the clamp off and use just the side bracket to secure the antenna to any flat surface. Limited only by your imagination the K64-A is the ultimate CB antenna mount!

18 feet of Fire-Flex coaxial cable is included. This high quality RG58A/U coaxial cable come processed with two PL259 connectors no soldering necessary!

Product features


  • Available with a choice of black or white, 3 or 4 foot FireStik KW fiberglass antenna
  • KW antennas are 100% American made with 100% American materials
  • N.O.A.A weather compatible
  • 1 Four Foot Top Loaded Antenna
  • 1 3-Way Mounting Bracket for Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
  • 1 K-4A Stud Mount
  • 1 18 foot coax cable with 2 Screw on PL-259 Connectors
  • 1 Stainless Steel Spring
  • Microphone hanger
  • FireStik is 100% American made, with 100% American materials!
  • 5 year antenna warranty- 1 year warranty for the mount, cable, and springs



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