0100030-1 - Escort© Redline EX Ultra Radar Detector

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0100030-1 - Escort© Redline EX Ultra Radar Detector with Long Range Dual Antenna

The ESCORT® RedLine EX is built with proprietary TotalShield Technology. The system is completely undetectable and features a dual-antenna design, GPS AutoLearn, and access to the ESCORT® Live app.

The Escort© Redline EX features an exclusive dual antenna design to provide extreme extended range.

Dual Antenna Design

Front and rear facing antennas provide ultimate range for best-in-class performance.

TotalShield™ Technology

Exclusive stealth operation so you can drive completely undetected. True stealth operation allows you to use your Redline EX without being detected.

AutoLearn™ Technology

GPS intelligence, IVT filtering, and AutoSensitivity come together to eliminate false signals by learning your route and varying sensitivity with vehicle speed. Intelligent GPS-based technology learns your route and rejects false alerts.

IVT Filter™

Automatically reduce false alerts from In-Vehicle Technology like collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control.

Defender™ Database

Gain access to the largest, most up-to-date resource alerting drivers to speed cameras, traps, and red light cameras. Plus, create hot spots and mark locations. Get a bird’s eye view with red light and speed camera alerts in advance.


Sync your radar detector with your smartphone via Bluetooth® for real-time alerts from the ESCORT® Live community.

Front and Rear Detection

Front and rear facing antennas provide comprehensive all-around detection.

Immediate Response

Digital signal processing provides best-in-class range and lighting fast response.



Real-time alerts from a community of over 3 million drivers.


  • True Stealth operation to provide 100% undetectability
  • Patented GPS technology adjusts sensitivity to your vehicle speed to provide meaningful alerts for your driving situation and learns to reject unwanted fixed position false signals
  • A multi-color OLED display displays radar type and strength indicators for easy viewing day or night instantly connect to Escort® Live via Bluetooth® on your smartphone for crowd-sourced alerts and speed limit data
  • IVT filter automatically reduces false alerts from moving in-vehicle technology sources (collision avoidance & adaptive cruise control)
  • Defender databases allow access to the largest most up to date resources which alert drivers
    • red-light cameras
    • speed traps
    • driver can mark "hot-spots" using the Mark Location feature
  • Voice alerts provide clear communications in English or Spanish, (voice and text)
  • A web-ready USB port allows updates on camera locations and software revisions
  • *Must be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot or paired with the Escort® Live ticket protection app to receive posted speed limit data

Kit Also Includes:

  • 12v Smart-Cord USB with Auto Mute
  • Travel Case 
  • EZ Mag Mount


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