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THE JUDGE - ROCKY MOUNTAIN RADAR 2.0 All Band 360??? Radar And Laser Detector With Voice Alerts

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THE JUDGE - ROCKY MOUNTAIN RADAR 2.0 All Band 360° Radar And Laser Detector With Voice Alerts

The Judge 2.0 features a 5 mile detection range that covers all Radar/Laser bands used by police, including K, Ka, super wide bands and Lidar. The new EWD (Early Warning Discriminator) technology prevents false alarms by eliminating signals emitted by safety sensors on many newer vehicles. Unique design of built in micro-scan technology enables The Judge 2.0 to scan 2-4 times faster than any other detector, which provides a 100% probability of detecting POP Radar. The Judge 2.0 Radar/Laser detector incorporates circuitry that reduces internal signals from leaking out of the antenna which makes the unit totally undetectable to police Detector Detectors. Features a OLED Display that enables clear screen visibility in all lighting conditions, a 360° Radar/ Laser detection eye, Voice alerts, City/Highway mode, Mute function, Dim function and 1 year Rocky Mountain Radar ticket rebate program. Comes with convenient carry case, suction cup windshield mount, cigarette power cord & instruction manual.