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SR447HPC2 - Stryker 10 Meter Ham Radio

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Slimmest 10 Meter Radio

Stryker Radios, brought this additional feature, keeping in view the requests of the recent customer. The MAJOR issue that provoked to its improvement was the decreased space for rising the radio inside any vehicle. SR-447HPC2 is a compressed but complete 10 meter amateur radio that can be adjusted easily into any space provided. So mounting it won't be a problem. We ensure this little radio is as productive, efficient and reliable as the most seasoned players from Stryker.

Better Sound

Transmission clarity has also been enhanced with the capacity to deliver as high as 55 watts PEP as the output power. The innovative SR-447HPC2 10 meter amateur radio offers more radio in a littler bundle than ANYBODY else. In the event that you cherish that enormous radio sound, you will love this new radio sound. For adding the edge to your communication, SR-447 HPC-2 likewise highlights interior treble and bass modification for the receiver that helps in noise reduction, particularly repetitive sound. Full, Rich HiFi balance add profundity to your message improving your voice and in addition keeping it loud.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

  1. Width = 6.25" (15.9 cm)
  2. Length (Chassis) = 8.25" (20.96 cm)
  3. Length (Controls to Heatsink) = 10" (25.40 cm)
  4. Height = 1.88" (4.78 cm)
  5. Fuse = 10A
  6. AM Carrier = Variable 2-12 Watts
  7. AM Modulation (PeP) = 55+ Watts (stock)

** Power supply Needed to run this radio as a base station is the PS12

Please Note: An amateur radio operator's license issued by the Federal Communications Commission is required for legal transmission on 10 Meter Radios.

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