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PCA5502 - ProComm Adjustable Cascadia P4 Series Truck Antenna Mirror Mount

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This adjustable truck mirror mount for the Cascadia P4 Series 2017 and up is produced by Procomm, an industry leader in CB antenna, mounts, and accessories. The PCA5502 is an adjustable angle bracket and includes and SO239 antenna stud mount.

This CB antenna mirror mount designed specifically for Cascadia trucks. This mount requires no drilling of additional holes for installation. The Procomm PCA5002 mirror mount attaches to the mirror arm using the existing front two bolts. The Procomm PCA5502 mount is high quality aluminum and features ½ inch hole for antenna stud installation. Antenna stud is included. Can be mounted on either side of vehicle.

CB World recommends the 18 Foot Weatherproof CB Antenna Cable Kit as the perfect companion to the PCA5502 mirror mount.

An antenna mount that is sturdy as the Cascadia line of trucks- the PCA5502 mirror mount.

Product features

  • Mirror mounting antenna bracket
  • No drill installation
  • Standard 3/8 x 24 thread
  • Heavy duty for larger antennas
  • Driver or passenger side installation