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KSPM1 - Kalibur Remote Speaker Microphone For Cobra/Midland Handheld CB

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This Lapel SpeakerMicrophone for Handheld CB Radios is an awesome accessory and can keep bothhands free when necessary!

Clip your handheldradio to your belt, tactical vest, or LBE gear and enjoy communicating on yourwalkie-talkie radio as you were meant to...hassle free!

The KSPM1 speakermicrophone is designed for handheld CBs and FRS radio. It is compatible withwalkie-talkie style radios that have a twin 3.5 mm stereo/2.5mm mic accessoryconnector.

A 3.5 mm earbud jackfor private conversations is located on the bottom of the lapelspeaker-microphone. The Push-to-talk button located on the side of the michelps to avoid the dreaded open mic that can happen with other manufacturersspeaker/microphones.

A robust rotatableclip allows the mic to attach easily to a collar for ease of hearing andtransmitting. The Kalibur KSPM1 is ideal for commercial, professional, andamateur radio operators.

Plug it into yourCobra or Midland handheld CB radio for remote speaker and microphone operation.It is one of the best speaker mics for this purpose available today.

The KSPM1 is a two pinspeaker mic that is compatible with all current Cobra and Midland Hand CBradios, including these handheld CB radios.

Product features

  • LapelSpeaker/Microphone
  • Integrated speaker -twin right angle: Ear 3.5mm stereo (top pin)
  • Earphone jack - mic2.5mm stereo (bottom pin)
  • Handheld speaker mic,easy to speak and hear without lifting your radio
  • Rotatable Clip in theback allows you clip the mic everywhere you want
  • 6 foot coiled cord
  • High Quality ElectretDynamic Mic with PTT
  • Spring loaded clip onback rotates 360 degrees

For Cobra/Midland Handheld CBs With 3.5 MM Earphone Jack

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