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PKO101 - Best Rope Knots Waterproof Knot Guide

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This handy waterproof knot tying guide is a great addition to any survival or camping kit. The guide is a 6 page fan pack containing instructions for tying 20 of the best knots you need to know. Instructions include easy to read step by step drawings and descriptions for each knot. waterproof plastic Measures 3. 5" x 2. 25" 20 Essential knots Bowline Square Knot Water Knot Rolling Hitch Sheet Bend Doubled Sheet Bend too Trucker's Hitch Mooring Hitch Taut line Hitch Clove Hitch Buntline Hitch Constrictor Knot Double Fisherman's Figure Eight Follow Through Timber Hitch Cleat Hitch Sheep Shank Prusik Hitch Half Hitch Butterfly Knot Bowline on a Bight ul