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44100 - What do When TSHTF Book

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Would you know how to prepare for an unforeseen emergency, or handle an unexpected disaster? With real-world considerations in mind, disaster preparedness consultant David Black shows us how to stay alive when tragedy strikes. His step-by-step actions can help us make it safely through a variety of crises, from captastrophic weather to terrorism to civil unrest. Black resents tailor-made plans for individuals, businesses, organizations, small groups, and communities to follow, in all regions of the country and broken down by type of emergency and environment. In addition, he provides a hierarchy for responses including communication, healthcare, food, water, and shelter in the absence of institutions and commercially available services and sullies. David Black is a veteran of Search &am; Rescue operations in Urban and Wilderness settings, a trained first responder and a consultant to governments around the world in disaster responses planning and preparation.

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