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FG4648-B - Firestik 4' No Ground Plane Single Mirror Mount Kit- Black

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The Firestik NGP CB antenna kit was designed for use on RVs, boats, and other vehicles that are made of fiberglass, plastic, aluminum or wood. These types of vehicles don't have enough metal on them to form a ground plane adequate for a traditional CB antenna to reflect off of. This no ground plane antenna kit has an isolated ground plane built into it to compensate. It not only works well on these types of vehicles, but it can be used as a base antenna, on a backpack frame, ATV's, motorcycle and any other application that a traditional CB antenna wouldn't work for.5/8 wave antennaBare-hands tuneable tipRated for 100 wattsIncludes antenna, mount, spring, and 17' coaxWarranty:Antenna - 5 yearsMount & Spring - 2 yearsCable - 1 year

Additional Info

The FireStik come with full 40 channels making them one of the best CB radio antennas even though they cannot be extended to a desirable height as this will damage your CB radio. The kit comes when complete with the antenna, mount and the coax cable.
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