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102 Inch Stainless Steel CB Whip Antenna
******** Please Note: This is an oversize item and can ONLY SHIP VIA UPS---NO P.O.BOX please! We cannot ship the 102 inch antenna with the US Postal service- they will not accept this item for shipment.***********

Hustler Antennas have been a leader in producing quality antennas and antenna accessories for over 40 years. Made in the U.S.A. Hustler is known as the go to antenna by over the road professionals everywhere. One of the best antennas for off-road drivers and “semi-pro’s” everywhere is the Hustler IC56 102 inch stainless steel CB whip antenna!

A true ¼ wave CB antenna when combined with high quality 18 feet of coaxial cable! The IC56 is truly the holy grail of antennas for two-way radio communications!

The 102 inch stainless steel CB whip antenna is flexible beyond imagination. The IC56 can flex a full 180° without damage – thanks to its bend and kink resistant construction. This 102 inch antenna is not likely to break if you accidentally encounter a low garage overhang or tree limb during your travels.

Having a taller than standard radio antenna can be disconcerting for drivers who live in areas that are prone to electrical storms, after all no one wants to wave a lightning rod and chance igniting the fury of Zeus! The Hustler IC56 was designed with a static dissipation tip specifically to reduce unwanted static buildup that greatly reduces any risks associated with electric discharge.

The 102 inch whip antenna is easily handled by bending and storing with the use of Kalibur K101X CB antenna steel whip tied down. Secure the IC56 to the rain gutter, fore, or aft on your vehicle with the K101X until you’re ready to enjoy maximum range capability of your CB radio.

The standard 3/8x24 threaded stud of the IC56 is fully compatible with antenna mounts for Hustler, FireStik, ProComm, and many other manufacturers. CB World recommends the Hustler SSM-1 professional ball mount for the strongest mounting solution. The SSM-1 includes a heavy duty barrel style antenna shock spring which is an often used antenna accessory with the 102 inch SS whip.

If you want the best possible performance from a mobile CB radio antenna the buck stops with Hustler’s IC56 102 inch stainless whip antenna. Please Note: This is an oversize item and can ONLY SHIP VIA UPS!

Installation notes: This CB whip antenna is often mounted with a barrel spring. You will want to use a very sturdy mount for this antenna Adjustments are usually not needed for this antenna, but checking the SWR is still advised.

Frequencies CB & 10 meter radio 26-30 MHz Compatibility The IC56 is compatible with all mounts and accessories that are threaded to accept 3/8x24 antennas. Options Kalibur K101X CB antenna steel whip tie down SSM-1 Hustler professional ball mount Springs A Hustler heavy duty barrel spring or SSM-1 professional antenna mount is recommended for use with the IC56 antenna. Coax High quality 18 feet of coaxial cable such as RG58A/U or mini-8 has been shown to provide superior performance with the IC56 102 inch whip antenna. Tune your antenna Tuning is normally very straight forward with the IC56 antenna, modification of the stainless whip are not normally necessary nor recommended.

Power handling The IC56 will handle up to a full 500 watts of power
Product features
17-7 stainless steel whip
102 inches (8.5 feet) long
Single section antenna
3/8" x 24 threaded base
True 1/4 wave CB antenna
Frequency range 26-30 MHz
500 watt power rated
Easily tunes – normally without modifications
Recommended accessories: SSM-1 professional mount & K101X tie-down
One year warranty